You've done a lot. Allow us to give back a bit.

As an Army veteran, I (Travis) understand the sacrifices that our service men and women make. I'm not about to sit here and let Lowe's give military a 10% discount while my own small business does nothing. Thus, all active, reserve, IRR, and veteran military members get 10% off any regularly priced photo session. Even the big stuff (weddings and events)! 

My brother in law is a Sergeant in the Columbus Police department and I have many friends and co-workers who have police officers, fire fires and paramedics as their spouses and loved ones. I also understand the sacrifices that these fine people make every day, so anyone meeting the definition of a "first responder" also gets the 10% discount!

Last but not least, I also work in public service (for the State of Ohio), and I've spent years working alongside teachers, special ed coordinators, and other hardworking people who work hard for our children and don't get compensated nearly as much as they should. So to help ease this burden, the 10% extends to you as well!

Just mention this web page when you talk to me, and any price that I quote you will be discounted!


Military- 10% OFF


Teacher- 10% Off


First responder- 10% off